Though every attempt is made to render the rug detail as accurately as possible,
color may vary due to computer monitor settings.

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Room Settings featuring this Gallery Round Rug:  

12' × 12' Nejad M039 Sino Aubusson Round Rug Room Setting

12' × 12' Nejad M039 Sino Aubusson Round Rug [Detail 1]

12' × 12' Nejad M039 Sino Aubusson Round Rug [Detail 2]

12' × 12' M039 Sino Aubusson Round Rug [Detail 3 - Back]


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  • Nejad's Round Rug Gallery Collection features extraordinary one of a kind hand made rugs from all over the world in a wide variety of styles and color palettes, all offered at remarkably low prices.
  • Each rug is carefully selected for its unique beauty, quality and decorative value. Every rug displayed is available only as shown and once sold is no longer available.
  • The collection represents rugs Imported from Iran, India, Pakistan, China, Turkey, or Afghanistan.
12' × 12'round 
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