Stain Removal Guide for Wool Area Rugs
Type of StainHow To Remove Type of StainHow To Remove
 Ball Point PenB C then A G  Ice CreamA G
 BeerA G  LipstickB C
 CatsupA G  MilkB C A G
 Chewing GumC  MustardA G
 ClayV A G  Oil (Car)C
 ColaA G  Oil PaintA G
 CoffeeA G  Permanent InkA G
 CrayonB G  PlasterV then B G
 EggA G  Shoe Polish (liquid)B C A G
 Food DyeA G  Shoe PolishB A G
 Fruit JuiceA G  TarC
 Furniture PolishB C F A G  TeaA G
 Grape DrinkA G  UrineA G
 GravyA G  Washable InkA G
 Grease (Auto)C  Water colorA G
 Wax (candle)S then C  WineA G
Cross-reference of Recommended Stain Removers
A Detergent Solution 1 tsp. neutral detergent ( Woolite ) + 1 tsp. White Vinegar in 1 qt. warm water
B Paint Remover Should not contain any oil ( lacquer thinner may be used )
C Dry Cleaner Fluid Any common brand can be used according to manufacturer's instructions
D Rust Remover Any commercial brand can be used according to manufacturer's instructions.
E Acetone Common drugstore brand or nail polish remover ( without lanolin or lacquer thinner )
F Alcohol Rubbing, denatured, or Isopropyl
G Water
V Vacuum
S Steam

  • Stain Removal Procedure
    • Identify the stain and locate it on the stain removal chart (above)
      1. Remove excess material
      2. Apply remover with a clean cloth (carefully)
      3. Blot stained areas with a tissue or clean or dry cloth
      4. Apply remover as listed. Repeat step no. 2 and no. 3 for each one
      5. Dry carpet and brush pile to restore texture
      6. If stain persists - repeat entire procedure

  • General Guidelines
    • Remember these four rules when removing stains:
      1. ACT FAST! Dont't let a stain set!
      2. Start from the outside, working towards the center of the stain
      3. Always use a blotting action (Rubbing causes pile discoloration)
      4. Don't Over-saturate (Water can rot rug's cotton warp threads)


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