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About Antique Feraghan Oriental Rugs


As one of the featured Persian rug types represented at the Vienna World Exhibition of 1873, the Feraghan carpet made an auspicious international debut. As part of a broad-scale marketing endeavor, Vienna proved to be a fitting venue and was instrumental in the introduction of these luxurious rugs to the European and western marketplace. As the for-export Sarough (or Sarouk) carpet, dubbed the American Sarouk, may have been intended for a fairly well-to-do, aesthetically-appreciative American clientele, the Feraghan with its more-sophisticated, artistic designs and palace-sized carpets typically appealed to the international aristocracy.

An outstanding, finely-detailed large, antique Persian Feraghan hand-woven carpet currently being offered by Nejad Rugs.

The Antique Feraghan Rug

Although the Sarouk and the Feraghan are produced in the same area and even in the same workshops - in Ferahan County, Iran - they are two distinctively unique rug styles. However, the Ferahan has two distinct categories itself: the first generally known as Ferahan (or Feraghan) and the second Ferahan Sarouk (or Feraghan Sarouk) - some rugs combining traits of both subcategories, making an exact attribution difficult.

A Large 19' × 13' 3" One-of-A-Kind Feraghan Carpet, West Persia circa 1880 - Christie's London

The 19th century Feraghan carpets were a high-end, finely-woven carpet using the finest wools amd natural dyes - rugs renowned for their unique yet classically-elegant - and sometimes improvisational - curvelinear designs, and as much as any of the Persian carpets, succeeded in achieving a holistic, organic and non-mechanical appearance.

An antique Sarouk-Feraghan rug featuring a large, ornate medallion - Christie's Lot Description below:

An antique Persian Sarouk-Feraghan rug: the shaded indigo field with delicated flora meander around large dusty-pink pole medallion containing similar design enclosing light blue radiating floral centrepiece, dusty-pink and green spandrels similar, in an indigo border of angular palmette vine between linked lozenge and barber-pole stripes, very slightly coroded black on edges otherwise good condition

Picturesque views of Farahan County, Iran in the vicinity of the capital city Farmahin.

The Feraghan Region

Farahan County is a county in Markazi Province in west-central Iran - the capital city is Farmahin. At the 2006 census, the county's population was 31,152 including 8,900 families. The county has three districts - the Central District, Khenejin District, and Saruq District, and two cities - Farmahin and Saruq (Sarouk, Sarough). The Farahan rug-producing region includes the area bordered by Guzan (Jozan), Arak (formerly Sultanabad), Kashan and Qom.

April 15, 1998, this 14' 7" ×' 10' 4" Feraghan Carpet, North Persia last quarter 19th century sold for $74,000 - Sotheby's.

14' 7" ×' 10' 4" Feraghan Carpet (detail view of above carpet) - Sotheby's New York.

Consumer Notes

Once the American Sarouk Rug became a best-seller stateside, the classic Feraghan became less common for export. These now-rare pieces are a highly desirable commodity in today's market and the one (pictured above) was sold at auction in 1998 at Sotheby's New York - for $74,000.

Currently Nejad is offering the following antique Feraghan carpets for sale: #23843 Feraghan

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