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About Persian Mashhad Antique Oriental Rugs


In the valley of the Kashaf River near Turkmenistan, between the two mountain ranges of Binalood and Hezar-masjed in the northeast corner of Iran is located one of Iran's oldest centers of carpet weaving - Mashhad. Situated squarely on the ancient Silk Road, Mashhad - capital of Razavi Khorasan Province - is famous for the production of carpets that are considered, by some, the pinnacle of Persian rugmaking. Today, carpet manufacturing in Mashhad is extensive and typically, large carpets with medallions are hand-woven employing traditional methods using the superior wool (esp. noted for its softness) from nearby Khorasan.

A magnificent example of the large, finely-woven carpets produced in the city of Mashhad, Iran in the early part of the 20th century.

The Mashhad Rug Style

The Mashhad Rug Style - the typical theme for Mashhad carpets - consists of a richly ornate field populated by floral or botanical figures classically-set in a curvelinear (oval-like) framework - at its center a circular-shaped, often jewel-like medallion. This round center medallion can be either a geometric or more free-form pattern - set off by either a lighter-colored intricate outlining or bounded by a halo-like ring of smaller figures like points of light. The number of knots, or knot density, typically found in an antique Mashhad carpet - although it could be much higher (up to 1000 KPSI or more) - ranges from 120 KPSI up to 475 KPSI with the Persian, or asymmetric, knot type.

The Old Silk Routes (from Istanbul to Xian, China) through Persia showing the prominent rug-producing cities of Iran today.

On the Silk Road

Though it was Once Upon a Long, Long Time Ago that the Silk Road - as an oasis to the weary traveller - passed through Mashhad, interestingly enough, with more than 55% of Iran's hotels located here today, that Mashhad, as in times past, is the country's major hub of travel and tourism. Business and commerce still flourish as well - from automobile, chemical, steel and non-metallic mineral production to precious stones and metals, from foodstuffs (dry fruits, teas, salted nuts, saffron) to perfumes and religious souvenirs, from electronics and computer technologies to leather goods, handicrafts and textiles - including carpets and rugs.

The mosques and religious monuments that comprise the city's Shrine Complex, illuminate the night sky of Mashhad.

Consumer Notes

Some of the greatest examples of early 20th century carpetmaking feature works commissioned by the Pahlavi Shahs and produced in the workshops of the Amoghli Brothers in Mashhad and include the magnificent and ultra-finely detailed carpets that decorate the Niavaran and Sa'dabad Palaces in Tehran.

First-quarter 20th-Century Mashhad medallion carpet - Sotheby's.

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